How an Attorney Can Help You Evict Tenants in New Jersey

Evicting a tenant in New Jersey can be a complicated process. Consider speaking to our experienced attorneys, who can help you evict tenants quickly. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. Our lawyers can answer all of your questions and help you understand your responsibilities and options under New Jersey law.

How an Attorney Can Help

By helping you understand the law

The law provides tenants with many ways to make the eviction process more time-consuming and expensive for you. There are restrictions on why a lease can be ended, and what notice must be given. Pursuing an eviction in the wrong way could make the process take far longer than it needs to, or result in fines if you accidentally break the law. If you want an eviction to be quick, you need to make sure it follows the proper process, and planning your next step in the process is the first way a lawyer can help you.

By drafting necessary notices and lease agreements

Under certain circumstances, you may need to provide your tenants with a “Notice to Quit” before they can be evicted. After having a bad experience, you may also want to consider updating your current lease agreements so that you are better protected in the future. Our lawyers can help you draft any documents or notices that are necessary to move the eviction along. They can also help you draft new lease agreements that allow for more effective resolution in the future.

By filing eviction lawsuits

Evicting a tenant who refuses to leave may require filing an eviction lawsuit so that the tenant can be declared to be on the property illegally. Our lawyers can help you with this vital step in the eviction process, and with any other court action that is necessary to allow you to enjoy control over your property again.

By Pursuing Lease Deficiencies

The lease deficiency is what you are still owed by the tenant after they have been evicted from the property. This may include unpaid rent and damages to the property that are not covered by the security deposit. Recovering money from those who no longer live in your units can be difficult. Pursuing tenants is far easier when you require pay slips as part of the screen process. Our lawyers can help you by pursuing deficiencies and consulting you on effective screening processes.

Remove Tenants More Quickly by Calling Today

If you want a tenant evicted from a property in an orderly way, contact our lawyers today for an initial consultation. We support landlords with a wide range of services, including by helping you claim any money that has not yet been paid by your former tenant. Let us answer any questions you have, and make even the most complicated process a simple one for you.

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