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How to Evict a Tenant Quickly in Jersey City

Even though the tenancy laws are the same in Jersey City as the rest of the state, the variety of contract terms that are allowed here can make renting in any part of NJ a challenge. Many of your most useful rights as a landlord start with the strength of your rental agreement, and that’s why it’s often recommended as one of the first steps…

Eviction Jersey City

To Evict a Tenant Quickly

  • Check your rental agreement. Make sure the behavior you want to stop is either against the law or in violation of the lease before challenging the tenant. For example, no one is allowed to trash a rental property, but behavior such as keeping large dogs, playing music loudly and unwanted paint jobs may not be preventable if the lease doesn’t explicitly ban them. Sometimes, developing a new agreement is necessary if you plan to take back control of the rental unit.
  • Investigate without violating rights of privacy. Landlords have a right to inspect the property, but only with adequate warning. Speak to a lawyer to make sure that any investigations you do, such as inspections, maintenance checks and other property checks don’t violate the rights of your tenants. If anything is done illegally, it could make the eviction process take far longer.
  • Send out notices as soon as you can. The deadline for a tenant to leave is usually decided by when they receive notices to quit. For that reason, you should send out notices as soon as you are legally permitted to do so. This can vary by property, but usually depends on when you spotted the behavior you wanted to stop.

How to Get Help Now with Eviction

If you’re dealing with a troublesome tenant in Jersey City, NJ please reach out to speak our lawyers. Our process is simple, and starts with a short, helpful consultation on the issues that you’re facing.

If all you need is some advice about how to handle the eviction, we’re here to give you that support. If you decide to be represented by our practice, we can also develop contracts and important notices. In some cases, a tenant will become more cooperative as soon as they receive a letter from a lawyer. When that doesn’t happen, our lawyers can support you in court.

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